The Safety Benefits Of Under-ride Guards On Trucks

In the latest tests made by the IIIHS showed the potentially life-saving benefit of using the side underride guards on trailers. As a result of this tests, IIHS contends that having such guards should be considered by policymakers. They said that comparing the crash data on trailers with vs. trailers without the side underride guards in collisions with passenger cars at 35 MPH shows that the passengers are more likely to sustain fatal injuries when hitting a trailer without the guard.

The first test was made with the Angel Wing side under-ride protection device from Airflow Deflector, while the second test was on a trailer with only a fiberglass side skirt. Without a side under-ride guard, the sedan wedged underneath the trailer, shearing off the roof and leaving passengers vulnerable to injury.

With the side impact guard, the sedan was stopped from going under the trailer, allowing the car’s airbags and safety belt to properly restrain the test dummy in the driver’s seat. In both tests, a midsize car struck the center of a 53-foot long dry van trailer. The side under ride guard was able to absorb the impact and bend without allowing the car to go underneath the trailer. Check the video below and see what happened.