Mechanic Says That Overfilling The Gas Tank Can Break Your Vehicle

When it comes to regular maintenance of your ride, there are few things that every person knows in order to make sure that their ride will keep on going like changing the oil and making sure that there is plenty of tread on the tires. However, there is one trick that could go a long way toward keeping money in your pocket and it’s not one that too many people would care to think about. In fact, many people think that it wouldn’t be something that would hurt your car at all, but apparently, it is!

In this video we learn what can happen if you top off the gas tank. Even if it seems like a harmless act outside of potentially spilling a touch of gasoline, Scotty Kilmer explains that with topping off your tank to get as much gas as possible or letting your OCD kick in so that the money that you’ve spent rounds up to the nearest dollar could be something that might cost you a couple of hundred dollars in the long run.

Watch the video below that shows how this extra gasoline interacts with your evaporative system and that this could have you replacing parts before you know it. After watching this, we’re personally never going to look at filling up in the same way ever again. I think that personally, I’m going to have to avoid topping off the tank as it’s a small inconvenience to forego the potential expense that could be coming on the other side of the gas pump.