We all have heard some bad stories about car dealerships, especially about those that sell used vehicles. While there are a few car dealers out there who are really honest, it does seem like most of them are like the one in the video below. This video was brought to us by Jimbo’s Channel.

This guy went all the way to Michigan to pick up an used Corvette C5 Z06 that he had already purchased, only to find out that the car is not like the dealer promised to be. He bought car that had several major issues, from tears and holes in the interior, including a center console that was all but falling apart. Also the body panels ere not line up correctly. When he took the Vette for a test drive, there were some obvious issues with the tune as well, which could be minor, or could be huge and no real way to know until things go awry. What is even worse, the dealership had no clue about the engine itself, which is a 383 CID stroked LS power plant. All of these red flags that will make it pretty hard to sell this car to an experienced buyer who knows what to look for in and around the car.

We have to thank this guy for doing a great job of recording the whole situation and uploading it on YouTube for all of us to learn what to look for and what to do and, more importantly, what not to do. There are very few situations where buying a car sight unseen is okay, but most of the time that is a terrible idea. Check the video below and tell us what you think about this one.