There are really some situation that will make us to shake our head. In the time that we are living in, we have a lot of political issues that seem to split our nation and makes the people to have different opinions on anything and everything. However, there are always some lines that should never be crossed. It is very bad thing to judge someone based purely upon no merit and solely upon the color of their skin but unfortunately, there are actually still people who do just that.

The issue on the table this time is pretty mortifying as it would appear as if the owner of this Chevrolet Avalanche was targeted for nothing other than the color of his skin. The people responsible would use his background against him, taking to the man’s truck to mark it up with all sorts of derogatory remarks, using bright colored paint to show their disdain for someone, all based on what that someone looks like. No matter what way you slice it, the situation provides an unfortunate look into reality of the way that some people actually think. However, one body shop owner gave us a little bit of hope that we can all get along. When the owner of the truck decided to take it in to get it repaired, the shop’s owner took one look at it and was pretty mortified, wondering how someone could put their fellow human being down like that. Therefore, he decided that he would counteract the bad act with a good one to help the victim out. Taking a positive and throwing it at a negative is how more people should think and when this shop owner took the liberty of absorbing the $700 that the job would’ve normally cost, he would be inundated with a community response as people would end up sending in donations in the amount that the job would’ve otherwise cost another customer and the shop owner has pledged to use it for good in the community.

If we just stick a little bit closer to these lines of positivity, the world would be a much better place to live!