Bad Brake Job – SUV Wheels Come Off After Being Serviced

Why would someone went to Jiffy Lube for a brake repair. This California local Carl Brewer found this out recently. A guy that was working at the chain did the brake job and after he was done the owner took this SUV for a test drive. Few minutes later, the technician came inside the shop and told the manager, “Everything fell off.”

Also he said that the windshield was broken and that he actually went through two signs and everything. Well, he didn’t simply bust the windshield. Every wheel of the car came out and we can say that this SUV was totaled. No way around it, the technician failed to even keep the wheels on.

The SUV stopped for sure, but not in the way that it was supposed to. Jiffy Lube says that they will do everything and that this won’t happen again, but that didn’t install confidence in Carl Brewer, who takes his daughter to school regularly. The lack of care of the technicians could’ve hurt him or his family. The Bakersfield branch plans to do their best to fix it and corporate swears to find out what went wrong and fix their procedures. Do you think you’ll ever go to a Jiffy Lube again? Check out this video of Carl’s car.